Hullabaloo Brew Co. College Station Texas
Hullabaloo Brew Co.College StationTexas

Fun Facts

Home Brewing is a prestigious -manly- hobby that ranks right up there with BBQ and a fine cigar.


There are many domestic advantages to home brewing which our wives and significant others will truly enjoy.  


#1 The Kitchen ~ I have never enjoyed cleaning the kitchen more. As with any proper sanitary scientific procedure I clean the hell out of the kitchen, before and after brewing.  My wife loves when I brew.  And it smells so wonderful.  


#2 Tea ~ I have found that making a pitcher of iced tea is a tad simplier and it's fun to experiment with beer adjuncts. Ever had an Amarillo pellet dry hopped glass of iced tea?   Since I started brewing beer I also found myself brewing tea which my wife does enjoy.



There are so many fun and unique advantages to brewing your own beer.  We will just start with these first two and perhaps over time create a large list.    


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